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104" x 42" x 30" h

Shown in Blackened Live White Oak Slab.

This piece can be made with a regular (non-live) wood top upon request.


All pieces are customizable & made to order.

Inspired by Nicolas Andreas Taralis' wrapping and asymmetrical tailoring, the Andreas Dining Table has a dark edge to its minimal form. Sharp angles are in concert with ever-flowing lines, taking the eye beyond the table’s physical structure. The live edge top is cleaned to have true rectangular shape. We appreciate the beauty in the imperfections of the material and will leave all holes, knots, and cracks open and simply reinforce the cracks with hand cut butterfly joints. Live top subject to availability, please inquire with us for this option. ANDREAS is also available with a regular plank top.


For custom inquiries, please contact

Made to order in California.

Each piece is handcrafted by our skilled artisans, allowing each piece to be unique and custom made.

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